Pictures & Mirrors
Facial treatment 30-40 min

690 CZK

Facial treatment 60 min 1.300 CZK
Manicure + Shellac or normal polish 490 CZK
Pedicure express 30-40 min 400 CZK
Pedicure express 30-40 min incl. Shellac or normal polish 500 CZK
Pedicure + scrub and Shellac or normal polish 75 min 850 CZK


Chin 80 CZK
Upper lip 80 CZK
Chin and Cheeks 100 CZK
Lower legs incl. knees 150 CZK
Lower and upper legs 200 CZK
Eyelash tinting 150 CZK
Eyebrow tinting 150 CZK
Eyelashes and brows tinting and shaping 250 CZK
Eyebrow shaping 90 CZK


Eyebrows 4.000 CZK
Upper eyeliner 2.500 CZK
Lower eyeliner 2.000 CZK
Upper and lower eyeliner 3.000 CZK
Lip liner and shading 3.900 CZK

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